Sustainable Gifts For Her

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Hey! Welcome to our ‘Sustainable Gifts for Her’ blog, we’ve pulled together some of our fave sustainable gift ideas to make it super easy for you. We know how hard gifting can be, let alone trying to find something that ticks those sustainability boxes too! Firstly, well done for making the choice to shop ethically and sustainably, your positive choice is helping to change the world! Thankyou!

If you are new to ethical and sustainable choices, welcome! (virtual hugs) You’re gonna love it here! 100% guilt free gifting! By making a sustainable choice you are helping to make changes in the world, ensuring fair wages are paid, fair working conditions, whilst also helping the environment. We’ve even popped in some info so you know what to look out for when it comes to sustainability and ethical practices.

(if you’ve not guessed already, this is something we here are KIHT we are super passionate about)

We’ve broken this blog down to make it super easy for you to use: 


  • 10 gifts for an eco conscious girl
  • What is a good gift for someone who is just starting to think consciously about sustainable living?
  • What proof should I look for before buying 
  • What is the perfect gift for her? 


10 Sustainable Gifts For Her 

Ok so let's dive straight in with some AMAZING sustainable gift ideas! With Health and Wellness set to become the new luxury over the next few years, the gift of activewear is a no brainer for anyone who is into health and fitness. 

KIHT Collective is our ethical and sustainable activewear made for women..




 KIHT collective launched its first collection in 2020 to very high critical acclaim, their gym wear and casual wear is not only ethical and sustainable but is also superior quality at an affordable price. Compression fabrics sculpt and fits designed to support your body. Their trend led mix and match style is designed to fit into any wardrobe, whilst their performance fabrics are built for hard work. 

KIHT collective outfit styled with oversized jacket


KIHT believe in health and fitness as a lifestyle, so they also have a range of casual styles that take you effortlessly from day to gym or sunday chills. As a brand they are committed to making a difference, they even plant a tree for every order placed.


you can check out the product via the link below.


We all love a little self care and it’s so good to see more sustainable skin care brands popping up! One of our personal faves has to be UpCirlcle. 

soap made with charcoal

They have a fab range of products for all types of skin, we love the bundle sets and you can even build your own with their ‘build a bundle’ sets, they are such a fab gift idea and the coffee grounds candles are lush!

Check out their sets below.




We are obsessed with this company! Earth Candle make beautiful smelling zero waste, vegan candles. They have a range of different scents in different sizes all handcrafted in small batches. Ethically made in Cornwall using no dyes, parabens or additives. They even plant a tree for every order and ship using 100% recycled materials. A perfect sustainable gift for anyone! 


eco candle


We’ve linked one of our fave fragrances below - Sage and Sea Salt 



If you're looking for something a little bit special, look no further. Votch are a cruelty free watch company based in UK. This brand is something special, not only are the designs of the watches super minimal and chic, we love the story behind this brand. Laura the founder suffered from a skin condition that led her down a cruelty free path and the birth of Votch. They are vegan and cruelty free, work with sustainable fabrics and sources including Piñatex, a by-product from the pineapple harvest and are PVC free.


vegan leather watch

We’ve added a pic and link below of our favourite watch design and also a youtube video so you can see for yourself how this company came to be.




We are totally crushing on this jewelry brand right now! Beautiful pieces, lovingly made and from recycled sources. Milly Grace creates responsibly made high quality pieces, they work with ethically accredited suppliers and are known for their timeless stacks and layered jewelry. We’ve linked one of our faves below

Wow! this stuff is beautiful! The pieces look incredible! quote for the website - “Unbelievable craftsmanship and the designs are so beautiful! BAR is handmade by skilled artisans who are treated with respect and paid a fair wage. Positive, ethical and sustainable practice are central to the brand ethos. Even small choices are carefully considered, ensuring that they are responsible and not harmful to the environment.” Heres a pair of earrings we pick out for your gift! 

eco jewellery



We love Lime crime! One of our FAVE vegan eco friendly make up brands out there without a doubt! Super trendy colours and the make up feels lush on your skin. Great for everyday and super glam looks, we know it can be tricky picking makeup, but you cannot go wrong with their greatest hits eyeshadow palette, we’ve linked it below!


eco makeup



eco hair care


Another great self care gift, haircare! Ethique are unbelievable at what they do, just check out their sustainability page on their website, truly an incredible sustainable brand. Their products are 

made from natural ingredients and all their packaging is compostable. If you’re ready to try shampoo bars give these a go! They have a super cute hair sampler set to try, such a lovely beautifully presented gift too!



Another fab sustainable gift idea for anyone who is into health and fitness. Hylo make ethical and sustainable trainers. Made from natural materials and beautifully designed, we absolutely love them! Their super simple designs can be worn everyday or out on a run, they have a range of colour, but our faves have to be the classic all white style we’ve linked below. 

eco black trainers


We are in love with this brand, they even run a circular scheme as recycle their own trainers, they are smashing it!



A non-negotiable for any Yogi and a super thoughtful gift idea! Fable yoga make the most gorgeous ethical and sustainable yoga mats. Made from natural rubber, biodegrable, PVC free. They are high performance, super grippy come in two thicknesses and some super cute colours! 

 eco yoga mat in peach


They are also another incredible brand who plant a tree with every order!! we will save the forest! check out our fav mat in blush pink below!




The perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth! Ok so we couldnt decide ourselves so we’ve got two options for you! 


vegan sweets

For a totally sustainable gift we LOVE this fun vegan sweets gift box from Elizabeth and Ernest, it looks super yummy and is also plastic free! Made from recycled materials, these boxes are made to order in Cornwall.


Another fun idea and one of our fave sweets has to be candy kittens. We love their crazy delicious flavours and this personalised jar. Their natural vegan sweets are also palm oil and carnauba wax free, making their sweet production carbon neutral. Whilst the jar is made of plastic, it can be recycled, but we felt that it being personalised it would be kept. We’ve added a link below to the personalised jar in our fave flavour!


If you are looking to start eating more sustainably then plant based is the best thing you can do! heres a blog we wrote on how to do it! -


So that's our fave 10 sustainable gift ideas, from some of our fave sustainable brands! We hope you’ve seen something you like! If you want to know abit more about sustainable living we’ve got a fab article on ‘How to shop sustainably’



What is a good gift for someone who is just starting to think consciously about sustainable living?


Ok so your girl is a newby, well don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! We’ve pulled together some essential sustainable gift ideas and info on what to look for when shopping sustainably. 


One of the most sustainable ways of living is by cutting down on single use plastics - a great gift for anyone who is taking steps to live more consciously is a reusable water bottle. We’ve picked one of our favourites and linked below, we’d recommend sticking with glass, it's sustainable, doesn’t taste and it's easy to clean. If you opt for plastic, ensure its BPA free. 

Here's a blog we wrote on living plastic free! - 


We love BKR, they make beautiful luxury water bottles, our faves have got to be the 1L size, a fab way of making sure you’re drinking enough water!


water bottle

Another perfect staple sustainable gift we’d really recommend is a hoodie. 

 The KIHT Collective oversized Hoodie is just the right amount of oversized It’s the hoodie everyone is obsessing over and one of their bestsellers! Super comfy and made from super soft fleece lined fabric, it comes in three easy to wear colours white, grey and black. Perfect for the girl who wants to start being ethical, an effortless wardrobe staple for anyone! All their packaging is either recycled or from recycled sources and they plant a tree for every order placed. Here's a pic and a link for the hoodie -

and heres another two blog on how to shop sustainable and sustainable hydration -


What should I look for in a sustainable brand?


We know it can be difficult getting to grips with shopping ethically and sustainably with a lot of bigger companies using ‘greenwashing’ and confusing customers. We’ve pulled together some key things to look for to help you shop more sustainably! 

Firstly we’d say it’s about transparency, alot of bigger brands use quite sweeping statements and talk about being sustainable, we always like to read the ‘about sections’ of websites and look for clear guides to what and how companies are being sustainable

  • Carbon neutral production
  • Using recycled materials
  • Ethical processes (details on how are they ethical)
  • Vegan PETA approved 
  • Tree planting initiatives
  • 1% for the planet (a give back scheme) 

Being an ethical and sustainable company is incredibly difficult and there is no set formula and it does mean different things to different people. For us we like to consider a few other things when buying. 

The origin of the product - if it's claiming to be ethical and sustainable, but being shipped from China, we are always a little more sceptical. Having spent alot of time working with factories in China we know it’s abit of a minefield and difficult to oversee with being subcontracting rife, plus shipping product around the world has a high carbon footprint. We also struggle with the ethical side as we know their long hours and low paid culture is very different to how we operate. 


I would say that this is more subjective and has come from our experience within the industry and why we made the decision to produce our gymwear out of Portugal. For us seeing factories, where the workers live on site in small flats hundreds of miles away from their families, who they only get to see once a year (chinese new year) doesn’t seem ethical. 


As sustainability is becoming more mainstream there are now are few initiatives you can also look for, we’d recommend looking at  Bcorp - it’s a seal of approval that is really starting to grow and something we will be applying for as we grow as a business. 


Initiatives for giving back are another great one - like planting a tree for every order, charity work, 1% for the planet and making sure all packaging is reused and recyclable. 


Make sure you support the RIGHT brands! But, for now, don’t worry because all the brands we’ve talked about in this blog are 100% committed to making a difference!

Why KIHT is the perfect gift for her?

 We couldn’t write this article without a little plug of our own! We think KIHT makes the perfect gift for any occasion! We have spent over two years developing our product and building relationships with our factories in Portugal and as a brand we are super proud of both our products and mission! Our goal as a business is to lead the way in building a positive impact business. 

We believe that being active is a way of life so we designed  KIHT to slot into your wardrobe, as one of the most sustainable things you can do is re-wear your clothes. Our trend led range of mix and match styles are super wearable everyday and for the gym. 

We produce out of Portugal to keep our carbon footprint low and while our fabrics are not yet from sustainable sources, all our packing and posting is either from recycled materials or able to be recycled. We also buy all our seconds from the factory so they don’t end up in a landfill and work with the incredible charity Tree Sisters in our pledge to plant a tree for every order placed.

 If you want to know more about our amazing partner charity Tree Sisters, check out our page all about them and the incredible work they are doing for women around the world and the planet: