Danielle King founder KIHT Collective


Hi, I’m Danielle King. I’m a designer, entrepreneur and total optimist who’s curious about how we as women can positively impact the world and each other. I founded KIHT Collective on those beliefs, we are a sustainable and ethical brand whose aim is to lead the way in businesses ‘doing more good than harm’ to the planet and its people.  

Having spent 10 years in the fashion industry helping to build the ‘fast’ fashion model for some of the biggest online brands. I’ve travelled the world and witnessed behind the scenes what the industry is really like, working at all levels as a designer, with multiple businesses across manufacturing, supply and retail. Having such a broad scope of the industry led me to believe that we needed to change things for the better.  

As a result I founded KIHT Collective during the Covid-19 pandemic in July 2020, launching our first collection of ethical and sustainable gym wear. As a brand we aim to empower women, make them feel amazing and help them lead a balanced and active lifestyle.

I also love helping to share my knowledge and experience with other women and entrepreneurs through talks, publications and podcasts 

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