Why we should all love ourselves more, 5 reasons why I workout

Why we should all love ourselves more, 5 reasons why I workout

So.... what is self love then? Something I have been looking into. A lot of the reasons behind "kiht" is to promote a healthy mind and body image for women - this has been born out of my experience within the industry and my own opinion that we are not doing enough to spread a positive and healthy image of women.

I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it and these are my 5 reasons for staying fit and healthy

1. I love the feeling of being fit and healthy, my whole body functions much better, I feel able to tackle much more, both physically and mentally. I haven't always exercised regularly and had a lot of bad eating habits when I was younger. I simply did not fully understand food and nutrition, I also have an intolerance to lactose, something I discovered in my early twenties. This meant that I was constantly tired, run down and struggled maintaining my energy levels, so I constantly turned to sugary foods to give me a boost.

2. I sleep much better! If I've tired myself out physically and mentally I sleep like a baby!! Something I have always struggled with in the past. I don't drink caffeine after 3pm and have found that this combo works perfectly for my body. I always try to ensure I get a good 8 hours!!

3. I love the challenge. I constantly mix up what I am doing at the gym, and also love trying new things. I love the feeling of trying something that you struggle with, and then working on it, the feeling of your body improving and getting stronger. When I started out I wasn't able to do a single press up - not one! My upper body is naturally week, and I used to struggle with pain in my shoulders from bad posture - now I can do lots!!! I also like to try new sports, I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone - last year I tried Kitesurfing, it was a great experience and something I want to do again! 

4. I am much happier. When you exert your body it releases endorphins - a feel good chemical in the brain. I find exercising regularly makes me happier in general, I put it down to a mix of both the scientific side, but also having some time to focus on myself. When I'm running I tend to think a lot of things through in my head, having that space gives me a clarity and is also a great stress reliever if I've had a bad day! 

5. I feel better, in both the way I look on the outside, but most importantly the inside. 

How does working out make you feel? 

Thanks for reading x