Vegan Easter Eggs Tried and Tested

divine pink vegan Easter egg

divine pink vegan Easter egg

Easter is here and we are so excited about how many more Vegan Easter eggs and treats are on offer this year!!!

Sooooo many retailers have gotten in the Vegan Egg game and the choice this year is definitely the best its ever been! We are super excited to get stuck in this year! Its also great to see much more of a Vegan Easter Egg selection this year of both kids and adult options, something that hasn’t really been around before.

We decided this year, rather than doing a roundup, we would pick out a few of our faves! So here are are top 3 Vegan and Dairy free Easter Eggs. 

So firstly, if your looking for a little Vegan Easter treat, give these a try. If you haven’t heard of the brand Rhythm 108, you need to check them out! This year they have launched small packets of vegan and dairy free mini truffle eggs and O my, they are just too good!
They melt in the mouth and we cannot believe that they are dairy free and Vegan as the texture and taste is just incredible!!!
We posted about these the other week and had so many people message us! It was hilarious!
We got ours from Sainsbury's at £1.25 for a small pack they were such a yummy afternoon treat! click here to buy >>>>

rhythm 108 mini easter eggs

Next on our list is the Divine Pink Himalayan Salt dark chocolate Easter egg. This Easter egg is also Vegan and dairy free and is so beautifully packaged its a gorgeous gift!!!
The chocolate does not disappoint either, it's super smooth, rich and tasty! The pink salt is such a delicious combo with the rich dark chocolate. We can’t get enough of the pink and gold colour combo, it's just so lovely and it tastes equally scrummy! We are sat here eating it whilst typing this! Whoops! This is everything you would want in a Vegan Easter Egg! 

This Divine Vegan Easter Egg is such a good price too at £5 click here to buy >>>>

divine pink vegan easter egg

The third and final one on our list this year of Vegan Easter Eggs has to be the Booja Booja Vegan and Dairy Free Easter Egg again! If you are looking for something a little more decadent, then this is the egg for you! Booja Booja make the most delicious truffles (we love them!) they are super indulgent and rich tasting, and these hand-painted eggs completely match! The eggs come in different patterns and are filled with a selection of their truffles, which are vegan and dairy free, but you would never guess from the taste! Our faves have to be the hazelnut crunch or the almond and sea salt. Our mouths are watering just thinking about them. These are a lot more pricey at £12.99 for the small size and £32.99 for the larger, but you can keep the egg as a beautiful decoration once you've finished your Easter truffles! Click here to buy >>>>

booja booja vegan Easter egg


We've kept our review much shorter this year and just picked out our faves! But if you want to have a look at some more Vegan Easter egg options, check out our Vegan Easter Egg 2018 blog from last year >>>>

Hope you enjoy and Happy Vegan Easter Egg shopping! 

booja booja vegan Easter egg