The Best Vegan Easter Eggs

vegan Easter egg

With Easter just around the corner we decided to round up the best Vegan and Dairy Free Easter eggs we have been drooling over! Obviously we want them all, but that will probably never happen, but if anyone is looking to buy one for us, any, or all of these would be amazing thank you!! 

The Family Combo Easter egg by the Raw Chocolate Pie Company - £10.95

This is the ultimate Easter egg! One half of the shell is Raw Chocolate and the other half is made of Raw Vanilla fudge!!! The egg is filled with fruit and nut – Sultanas, brazils, walnuts, halzenuts, almonds, pecans and cashew. It just sounds delicious!

raw chocolate pie vegan easter egg


The Classic Raw Chocolate Easter Egg by the Raw Chocolate Pie Company - £10.95

Nominated by The Sunday Times Style Magazine as Number One of the Top Five Healthy Easter Eggs.

This little treat is filled with dried fruit and nuts, so offers a slightly different alternative to the usual store bought eggs, and have to say it looks so delicious! 

Dairy free, gluten free, soya free, no added refined sugar but contains naturally occurring sugars. Vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

raw chocolate pie vegan easter egg


Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Egg with Cacao Nibs - £8.99

Eat your Easter egg with a clean conscience thanks to this tasty offering that not only comes with health-boosting cacao nibs but also biodegradable packaging. It basically ticks all the boxes.


montezumas vegan easter egg


Celtic Choices Free From Dairy Egg -£6.99

This 60% cocoa egg is designed to look like a cocoa pod, acknowledging the purity of the harvest-dry-roast process they put their cocoa beans through. The chocolate is so clean you can’t even tell that it’s free-from dairy/gluten/wheat. Another one for vegans too.


dairy free vegan easter egg


Finally if you are after something a little bit special, have a look at these!!  


Easter Eggs by Booja Booja - £26.00

They do beautiful truffles that literally melt in the mouth and they come in hand painted eggs which are just insanely beautiful!! We want them all!! The salted caramel are definitely a stand out flavour for us! (hint hint!!)

booja booja vegan easter egg


Hard-Boiled Dark Chocolate Egg by Hotel Chocolat - £16.00

Forget 70% dark chocolate, or 85% even. This 100% dark chocolate egg from Saint Lucia comes studded with raisins and almonds, plus there are even Gianduja hazelnuts truffles on the side. Take those chocolate health benefits and max them.


hotel chocolate vegan easter egg


Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Egg with Peanut Butter Mini Egg Truffles -£19.99

One of the only Vegan eggs that isn't empty inside, this beautiful egg is filled with peanut butter mini egg truffles, and they sound so delicious!! You can also buy just a bag of them on their own if you are look for any extras! 

montezumas vegan Easter egg



We hoped you enjoyed reading this blog post, and if you have any questions just comment below!

Thanks and Happy Easter xx