What is Tag Archery?

tag archery manchester

tag archery manchester

Today I was invited over to The Archertype to ‘play’ archery tag. Now I had no idea what this was, so I had to check it out!

Archery tag is basically shooting at each other with a bow and arrow with a big ‘marshmallow’ sponge on the end of, so it doesn’t hurt! You play games in teams and the aim is to shoot people, the team that has the least players at the end loses.

I have never done anything like this before and it sounded so much fun, so agreed to try it out!

For me leading a healthy lifestyle is less about ‘looks’ and ‘fitspo’ and more about being able. I have always been into sport from a young age, so now as an adult, I keep fit to enable me to ‘do’ things.

A day out doesn’t always have to consist of going for some food or wandering around town. We are lucky to live in a vibrant city that offers so much more!

We arrived at The Archertype a little early, as we weren’t entirely sure where the venue was, it is situated on the 2nd floor of an old converted mill building, but we didn’t struggle to find it. 

tag archery manchester

Once inside, we had a safety brief and ran over the basics of archery. Geared up in our helmets and wrist protectors we had a little go of shooting on a small range - just to get the hang of it and make sure our technique was ok!

tag archery manchester
Then it was straight into the games in the main area. We split into two teams and were talked through the first game - basic archery tag - you either hit people and get them out, or hit a small target knocking out the discs - whoever has the least people or has knocked out the targets wins.

This was great fun and got you into it! I pretty much spent the first game hiding behind one of the inflatable pillars as it took me so long to shoot!! But I quickly got the hang of it.

We then played another game, they removed the pillars so there was nowhere to hide! In teams, we had gotten a little more comfortable with each other, so this time we all had to protect one member from getting hit ‘protect the queen’. If the other team hit the queen they instantly won! This was hilarious and much harder than the last game, and we definitely started to get more competitive !!!

tag archery manchester
We played a final game of ‘traitor’. This time, no teams, nowhere to hide, and you only got one arrow! It was hilarious!!! By this point, everyone had really gotten used to it, so the games started to get a lot faster and so much fun!

After running around like a crazy person for over an hour, I can pretty much say I was pooped! It was sooooo much and such a different thing to try! I absolutely loved it!

If you are looking for something a little different to do, I cannot recommend this enough! It was a great fun day out!

tag archery manchester

Hope you enjoyed reading this and would love to know if you’ve tried anything different and active that you can recommend? I am always looking for fun things to try!