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Multi-Sensory Yoga

by danielle king |

multi-sensory yoga manchester

Here at Kiht, we are all about trying out new and fun things to move our bodies and gain new experiences! For us, it's not about being amazing at anything, its just about getting stuck in and giving it a go, no ego!

So we decided to host a Multi-Sensory Yoga class at V1be Fitness in Manchester. Multi-Sensory yoga is coming out as quite a new concept. It involves invoking all the senses during your Yoga practice. Sight, sounds, smell play alongside your yoga. The sight part we used coloured light to fill the room using different colours to evoke a mood and feelings through the practice. This all ties in with the music, the practice and burning incense throughout the class to capture all senses, hence the name Multi-Sensory Yoga.

multi-sensory yoga manchestermulti-sensory yoga manchester
As the year is coming to a close we wanted to focus the session on reflection and taking a little time out. Sarah Nutribloom worked with us on planning out and hosting the class and put together a gentle yoga, taking us through the seasons of the year in both movement, sound and colour. To complement this we chose to burn cinnamon incense sticks as this smell instantly brings winter and Christmas to mind.

multi-sensory yoga manchestermulti-sensory yoga manchester

Sarah guided the class through a slow reflective yoga class working around the seasons of the year, building into a strengthening yoga sequence to represent the summer months and slowly closing the session with a yin yoga to reflect the autumn months as we work towards the close of the year. The colour cycle changed throughout to build with the yoga - starting with violets to evoke intuition and meditation, moving through oranges, evoking creativity, into yellows the strongest colour as we moved into the summer and strength sequence. Finally cooling into the blues of autumn to reflect calmness, communication and the appreciation of beauty, taking us back to violet and our emotion, intuition and meditation practice.
It was a lovely practice and a beautiful way to welcome in the month of December.

multi-sensory yoga manchester
To compliment this emotive class we brought in nutritionist and wellness advocate Sophia Hall to prepare some healthy and nutritional treats post-yoga. She put together a delicious bircher of apricots, dates, chia seeds and pistachios, served with a warmed plum compote, nut butter and a sprinkle of coconut chunks. Followed by her famous salted caramel protein balls! Which are incredible! Rolled 3 ways - dusted with cocoa, crushed pistachios and cacao nibs, all equally delicious!

sensory- yoga manchester

To finish the day we put together some alternative and healthy Christmas treats for everyone. With each blogger getting their own personalised goodie bag and bauble to take home.

It was such a fun and relaxing day, the essence of what our Kiht events are all about! New experiences and meeting new people.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this.

multi-sensory yoga manchester