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We know there is a lot of confusing info out there when it comes to protein and protein powder for women, so we wanted to put together a super handy no BS guide for you.

To help us do this we teamed up with one of our FAVE brands FreeSoul to put together The Ultimate Guide to Protein Powder for Women! If anyone knows about protein for women its FreeSoul as they ONLY formulate for Women! 


Who are Free Soul?

Free Soul was founded in 2018 with an ambition to transform the nutrition and wellbeing market. Recognising that protein blends and supplements routinely exclude women from conversations, their founder noticed a gap in the market for a positive, empowering brand to genuinely target the nutritional needs of women. Looking into the types of superfoods and ingredients that women really need, Free Soul is a brand with a goal to break down the walls around women and fitness and spark honest conversations about their nutritional needs. 

What is protein?

Protein is one of the three macronutrients (alongside fat and carbohydrates) that our body needs to fuel our activities throughout the day and generally function. Protein is extra important as it contains 20 amino acids which are the basic components of muscle tissue, which is the major component of all body tissue.

Why do we need it as a supplement?

Protein powders are a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure you’re hitting optimal protein levels in your diet. It’s often challenging to get enough protein through eating alone, due to the volume of food one would need to consume on a plant-based diet, and also due to the time involved in preparation. Protein powders have the added advantage that it’s very quickly absorbed into your body post-workout, so your muscles can recover quickly.

Supplementing your diet with protein powder, in the form of a shake or snack, is also helpful to keep you fuller for longer. This means you are less likely to snack throughout the day by warding off sugar cravings. 

Free Soul is not just a protein powder! Our whey and vegan protein blends have been carefully formulated with a huge range of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and adaptogens to target important aspects of female wellness, such as hormonal balance, bone density, energy, metabolism, as well as hair, skin and nails! And by switching up how you take your shake – mixing with water, milk or a few extra ingredients – it can help you to meet your individual goals! So, here’s how to enjoy Free Soul to get the benefits YOU want

Why post workout?

After any workout our muscles break down and our body needs to rebuild them to become stronger and get ready for another similar workout. By consuming high quality, amino acid-rich protein we help our body to repair the tissue quicker and stronger than before. Both cardio and weight lifting put lots of stress on the muscles and it is important to help repair that stress! However, if you do weight-training you will be creating many more micro-rips which when repaired cause muscle growth (gains, baby).

Will protein make me bulky or gain weight?

There is no way protein alone will make you gain weight! If you are gaining weight it is because you are at a caloric surplus, so consuming more calories than your body needs every day. 

The Dual-use/ Meal replacement blend

Here at Free Soul we’re all about making you feel your best, inside and out, no matter your lifestyle.

Whether you’re training for marathons and smashing out your daily squats, have a day of back to back meetings to power through or a young family to run around after; it’s not easy to get the fuel you need when life is overwhelmingly busy! Which is exactly where Free Soul’s nutrition blends come in; packed full of real ingredients and developed by a clinical nutritionist to support your lifestyle and exercise regime.

Is protein different for men and women?

No. Protein on its own is not specific to any gender. In the case of the Free Soul blends, what makes it a protein powder for women is the added key ingredients that are specifically formulated for the needs of the female body. The blends also have no nasties! By nasties, we mean, it is soy-free, MPC-free, GMO-free and doesn’t contain any artificial flavourings or added sugar. 

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What are the key ingredients specifically for women?

Each key ingredient is carefully sourced and the blends have been curated to target specific female needs. This makes the product range highly effective for female health because everything has been included in the formula for a specific reason.

Peruvian maca and flaxseed serve to promote hormonal balance. Women’s hormonal fluctuations are more pronounced than their male counterparts, therefore there is more of a need to include ingredients that support and help to regulate hormones.

Siberian ginseng and guarana support energy levels. Guarana also serves as a strong antioxidant and can give a slow and steady supply of energy.

Calcium for bone density, iron for production of red blood cells – did you know that women need more supplementation for strong bones than men do?

Fun fact: 43% of your daily iron intake is in one serving of Free Soul protein powder. Women require higher levels of iron supplementation due to our menstrual cycles. 

B vitamins encourage healthy hair, skin, and nails. And aside from beauty benefits, the B vitamins help manage the optimal function of our bodies.


The formula is developed by leading nutritionists in the UK.

Everything that is put in the formula is independently tested and backed by peer review studies and research papers.

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We hope you babes found this guide super useful, if you want to know more about FreeSoul make sure you check out their site and give them a follow on their socials below

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