KIHT Collective X V1BE Fitness

manchester fitness blogger event

This month we hosted one of our fitness events with an amazing new gym based in Manchester. 

V1be is an incredible new concept gym that specialise in fun and targeted work outs wearing MyZone heart rate monitors. This means you can track your workout as you workout and ensure you are training at the optimum level for your body! We loved this idea and couldn't wait to try it out! 

So we invited a few of our fellow fitness bloggers along to try it out and to make sure we stayed fuelled after our intense workout, we had the incredible Sophia Hall registered Nutritionist, Health and Wellness blogger come along with some delicious, healthy post workout snacks. Once re-fuelled and cooled down she then talked us through some great food based knowledge followed by a Q&A touching on some great subjects such as eating Vegan and protein sources, myth busting about Pro and Pre-Biotics and food intolerances. 

Watch the video to see what we got up to and what a Kiht Collective event is all about! 

A huge thank you to Catherine from One Eagle Productions for putting this amazing video together for us to share!