Free Fitness Resources

free fitness resources

Hi babes, here are some great free fitness resources we've found as we scoured the internet, we've popped them all in one place, making it super easy for you, we will keep updating and adding to the list as we find more too. Don't worry, you can thank us later xxx 

Beginner Full Body Workout

Full Body workout plan for the week

Upper body workout 

Lower Body Workout

Upper and Lower Body Workout split

HIIT Training workout

No equipment total body workout

Core Workout (we would recommend to add only a few of these into a workout, not the whole thing!) Either superset them into a session, so we like to add in a core superset when training upper body eg. shoulder press straight into a russian twist. Alternatively add in a few core excercises at the end of your training. 

Core Workout 2 

Ready to advance? 

Advanced Strength workout

Push, Pull Legs Training

5 day strength and tone plan

Core progression ideas 

Something different to try: 

Kettlebell workout plan

How to Boost your Endurance

Dumbell and Bodyweight HIIT - this is fun and challenging one to do with a partner, especially if you are a little competative! 

Resistance band workout

Restorative Yoga Sequence

De-stressing Yoga poses to calm you down


Extra bits of info that are helpful! 

How to progress in your workouts

Fitness Glossary (get to know the lingo!)

Why you should track your workouts

How to split squat correctly

A great warmup to try for your squats

Lunge Variations

Yoga poses for tight hips

We hope you find these useful and if you find any other sources please let us know so we can add them on! Thanks xxx

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