Forging a New Path with Tecnica Walking Boots

tecnica forge gtx

tecnica forge gtx

I literally jumped at the offer to review the Tecnica Forge GTX custom fit walking boots from Ellis Brigham in Manchester. I am an avid walker, plus my new puppy, means even more walking!

I have ‘awkward’ feet. They were once described as ‘strong’ having spent 4 hours getting my ski boots fitted and moulded.
Anyone who walks a lot will hugely appreciate that having comfortable footwear that doesn’t rub or give you blisters is an absolute must! Especially when you are spending most the day in them.
As mentioned, a few years back I finally forked out for my own custom-fit ski boots, since then I haven’t looked back!!! (I have spent too much time crying in agony on the slopes, when I could be skiing!)
The thought of having the same level of comfort and custom fit in a walking boot seems like a no-brainer! Who wouldn’t want that! I know Tecnica as a ski brand, these guys know what they are talking about when it comes to custom boot fitting, they have been doing it for years.

They have used their knowledge, and worked to design a new technology. It enables you to have your walking boots fitted in a similar way to ski boot fitting, but it only takes 15-20 mins!!! Just a note here too - we are not just talking moulded insoles, they mould the footbed and also all around the foot and ankle. The Tecnica Forge is the first outdoor shoe with a completely customisable fit.

Here is the tech side before I begin:

- Tecnica have developed their own last, this is what the boot is shaped on before it is custom fit. Most footwear uses a generic mould. Tecnica has created their own, which is a true mirror of the foot, including anatomical arch and shaped ankle. Meaning that even before the boot is custom fit, they will be super comfy!

- Their custom adaptive shape means that you will not suffer breaking in your new boots, they claim to be a ‘perfect fit from the very first step’ You won't need to further fork out for extra insoles. The custom shaping also means that your ankle will be perfectly supported, meaning no pinching or heel lifting.

- The CAS footbed (custom adaptive shape) means your foot, arch and heel are supported in all the right places custom to your feet. They have incorporated heel shock at the back for added comfort and cushioning, along with perforated breathable part to the front of the footbed to keep your feet at the right temperature.

- Tecnica boasts the first customizable upper in the outdoor industry perfect for heal hold and ankle support, meaning they can cater for a wide range of customer needs whilst ensuring they offer a superior fit for the whole foot, not just the sole.

- They have created an innovative overlapping tongue inspired from a ski boot design, which adds to the overall comfort of the boot.

- Gortex fabric means the boots are waterproof and breathable.

- Innovative self-locking laces and kevlar loops mean no more adjusting and re-lacing your boots and no more breaking laces. Once you have laced them up, they will not move position.

- The sole is designed to offer the ultimate level of grip with the Vibram compound ‘megagrip’ on all-terrain, wet and dry. Plus flexibility giving you optimal balance and stability

In summary, these award-winning boots are ticking all the boxes when it comes to needing something hard-wearing, high on the comfort levels and dependable for those hairy situations you encounter!

I could not wait to give this new tech a go!!!

I headed to the Ellis Brigham in Central Manchester. The setup in-store is super simple, pick your prefered Tecnica walking boot or shoe. I went for the Tecnica Forge GTX leather boot (they also do a synthetic version the Forge S GTX) in the grey / black colour, called Asphalt Blue. A nice addition, as they are understated and tasteful (I'm not a massive fan of most walking boot designs). They showed me some of the extra features too, self-locking laces, an innovative tongue design and super gripping sole that look like they could take on anything! If you do not need the support of a boot for your ankle, they also offer the same custom fit in a walking shoe called the Plasma.

tecnica forge gtxtecnica forge gtx
I tried on my size before we began the custom fitting, they were already super comfy and a great fit! I was assured they would be even better once custom fit.

They removed the insole and wrapped it in the heaters. Then did the same for the boot, wrapping and inserting heaters to get them warm enough to mould.

When they were ready, I popped the insoles on with some little slipper-style pop socks and put my feet into the inflatable boots. This bit was amazing! They inflate the boots around your feet so the insole moulds to the contours of your foot. The sensation is amazing!!!!! It's so funny! It's such a nice feeling on your feet and is strangely relaxing!
These are kept on for a few minutes, then it's back out and the same again, this time with the boot and insole together.

I removed the toasty warm boots from my feet and let them cool and set to my unique foot shape for a few minutes.

Once cooled I popped them back on. And wow!!!! They felt absolutely amazing! The fit is super snug, comfy and supportive! I noticed the support under my arches and ankles particularly. They held my foot perfectly, no heel lift at all, but super snug.

tecnica forge gtx
Its been a few weeks and I finally got the opportunity to take my new Tecnica Forge boots out for a test walk. We headed out to the beautiful Delemere Forest for an afternoon lazily walking through the trees. I actually forgot I was wearing new boots as they were just so comfortable! They are a really sturdy feeling boot compared to my other walking boots and could definitely take on a lot tougher terrain! They felt super supportive particularly around my ankle, which is great if you are taking on very uneven and steep ground. I was also surprised at how super grippy they felt underfoot, much more so than my other boots. The self-locking laces are a brilliant touch, I didn’t have to adjust them / re-tie them once!

tecnica forge gtx
If you are thinking about investing in some walking boots, I would seriously consider checking out the Tecnica Forge range, I have been so impressed with everything about this boot and would recommend to anyone who enjoys walking!

Thank you for reading and I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to the staff at Ellis Brigham and Tecnica for making this such a fun experience too! I absolutely loved it!

I’ve added links below to Ellis Brigham and Tecnica if you want to look further!

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