Five Essentials for you Gym KIHT

Five Essentials for you Gym KIHT

So, if your a gym regular like us, and hate lugging a massive gym bag around with you, this article is for you! Kiht's gym essentials!! 

1. Headphones - now this is an obvious one, but definitely one of the most important to keep us going through those super tough HIIT workouts! We have tried and tested quite a few headphones and our fave's have to be the Beats . Shown here they are super compact, stay in your ears really well and sound great! They also come with a handy carry case. 

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 2. Resistance bands - we have been training for a little while with these now and we love them! They are not expensive and really easy to bring with you - a tiny tote bag - so it means you can put your phone and keys in there too for when your working out. 

 3. A good water bottle - this has come through too many experiences on the treadmill when you go to grab your water bottle and either open it and it explodes everywhere or you spill it all down you! Our fave is one with a flip lid with a straw - they don't leak, are durable, easy to use and also BPA free. 

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 4. A hair tie on your key ring - this is a random one, but there is nothing worse than forgetting your hair bobble and either using a random elastic band, or working out with your hair down whilst heavily sweating! 

5. A good gym towel - this really depends on how much you sweat, but there is nothing worse than when your dripping with sweat and trying to dry yourself with blueroll. It doesn't work! If like us you also sweat all over the equipment - you can quickly wipe it up! 

We hope you found this useful! Please leave a comment as we'd love some feedback. If there is anything you can't go to the gym without, please also leave us a comment, as we'd love to hear about your gym essentials.