Ask the Expert - Carly Rowena

Carly rowena

Carly rowena

We wanted to start a new segment in our blog, we absolutely love interviewing inspiring women, but wanted to offer you all more!! So we've come up with a new idea! Aptly named - 'ask the expert' where we ask leading and inspiring women the questions you want answers to! Our very first guest to launch this is the incredible Carly Rowena.

Carly is at the forefront of women's fitness, a cross fitter and personal trainer and an advocate of moving your body, her blog and profile has been hugely inspiring in showing women how to be able to push their bodies and lead a healthy and most importantly a happy lifestyle! That's why we love her!!!

So we put your questions to Carly and here are the answers!

1. If there was one misconception about personal trainers you could change, what would it be?

Oh my, there is so many but I guess the main one for me is that Personal Trainers should be known for being honest about how hard you’ve got to work and able to adapt to suit each person. I find a lot of people believe personal trainers just want to take your money and give you the same plan as the person before, that's not the case. Everyone is unique and should be treated the same way, we’re here to educate you into getting the best from your workout as well as having fun!

Carly rowena deadlifting

2. Has your ethos or message changed over your time in the industry? And if so how?

Totally, I was always someone who exercised because I loved to move so that’s stayed but I no longer love the gym. I find it quite a lonely and isolating place where most people judge you on your physical appearance. Nowadays my message has become much more about finding a way to move which makes you feel good, if you love to dance then dance, climb, play with your children, set challenges and watch as your body transforms without focusing on it.

3. How has pregnancy changed the way you look at your routine as a fitness instructor and vlogger?

It’s definitely been an eye opener.. I’m more aware of my body and what it can / can’t do, I’ve also learnt that out of everything mental health is one of the most important factors as to what you feel you want to do. Luckily for me exercise is something that boosts my mind and I truly believe it is the sole reason as to why I have had such an easy pregnancy. I was also shocked to see how confusing the information is out there for pregnant women and it’s made me excited to help people with their journeys.

Carly rowena over head press

4. What has it been like sharing your pregnancy journey / honest thoughts on your body changing with your audience? Its such a personal thing and you’ve been so open about it!

I found the first trimester hardest as I had to keep it a secret and so I found that incredibly hard to be online as I’ve always been so honest but since we went public I’ve loved it! My audience online has definitely changed and I’ve attracted a lot more mums but it’s been so lovely to have people to connect with. The only negative side is that everyone has an opinion so it can be quite overwhelming at times and I have received criticism from people who believe I shouldn’t be exercising but I welcome it as it just proves to me even more than there needs to be more education about exercise when pregnant.

5. Where do you see your career in 10 year time in terms of the influencer industry growing and developing into long-term careers?

In all honesty, I don’t want to be online forever, my favourite part of my career is my one to one training, classes and retreats and so my long-term goal is to keep building it and watching it grow. I would consider myself super successful if I could inspire people to move,  eat what they want to, and eat because they can.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! A massive thank you to the incredible Carly Rowena! We are such huge fans of hers and so excited when she said yes to this!!! 

We would love to know who you would love to ask a question too or who you would like to see interviewed! Please comment below and we will try our best to get them on! 

Thanks xxx