Top Trends from the AW 2018 Catwalks

A quick round up of our fave catwalk trends from the latest A/W shows.

With the Paris just closing and all the fashion weeks sadly over, we have put together an overview of the big trends we’ve seen that we love for all the top shows..... These are the trends we are lusting after!!!

Animal Print!! - This one is huge and splashed across so many of the big names this, and we cannot wait for it to hit down into stores. The catwalks did not stick to one, they went all out, leopard, zebra, snake, oversized, coloured, you name it, they rocked it! 

Coats on Coats - Why wear one coat when you can wear two? The weather has been so cold this winter, that this trend is a hugely appealing right now! Layering different coat textures, so tweeds and leathers, or just go crazy and layer your puffa jacket over another one - if Balenciaga are doing it, you know it will be big!

The 80’s - They are back and in full force shoulder pads and all! Our fave takeaways are the plunging necklines, wrapping details and loose suiting. 

Silver - Not just on jewellery, we're talking all over, high octane party dresses!!! Our fave being the below

Tweed - This trend was not an instant fave of ours, but when you keep seeing it repeatedly we have definitely warmed to this trend! Fendi definitely got it right with their choice of tweed mixed with casual sweats, totally wearable and a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

All images are from Vogue Runway

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