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Protein powders are a bit of a minefield, navigating through the jargon, advertising and ‘selling’ to know which are any good! This seems to be even worse with Vegan Protein, they have a rep for not tasting great and with so many different protein sources to choose from it's all very confusing!! After hours spent scouring the internet researching, asking friends and health bloggers for recommendations and getting some very mixed reviews. I decided to put together our own Vegan Protein Review.

The aim, to find a powder that tastes great, offers a high level of protein and is well priced!

I have only selected protein powders that use protein from more than one source and managed to narrow it down to a top 3 to test - Revolution Foods, Vega and Form Nutrition.

These are the stats on each at a glance:

Revolution Foods - Raw Sport - £34.99 for 1kg.
25g of protein per 33g serving
Pea and Quinoa Protein
Digestive Enzyme and Live Bacteria to help you absorb effectively
Electrolytes and superfoods to help the body perform at peak
115kcal per serving

Vega - Clean Protein - £26..99 for 552g
25g of protein per 37g serving
Pea, hemp, pumpkin and alfalfa protein
Digestive Enzyme
138kcal per serving

Form Nutrition - Performance Protein - £24 for 520g
30g of protein per 40g serving
Pea, brown rice, hemp and whole algae protein
Digestive Enzyme
149kcal per serving

Now onto the review, for each protein, we tried as a shake and also tried a few different recipes to see how they perform!

Please note that all views are completely my own.

Revolution Foods - Raw Sport.

I ordered this in the Toffee Fudge flavour to try, but it also comes in Raw Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla, Vanilla and Cinnamon and Wild Berry Flavour.
As a shake, it blends really well, and fairly quickly with a shaker, my favourite way to mix it is with half almond milk half water and then add some ice. I really liked the consistency and texture and it tastes great! Loved the flavour. Loved having this one in the mornings if I was in a rush, and after a hard work out, felt like it gave me a great boost!

Raw Sport also works really well to bake with and is great for getting some added protein into food. I added it to my protein waffles in the morning, giving them a fluffy texture and served them with coconut yoghurt and frozen cherries, a delicious morning combo!

I also made some peanut butter cookies with them, and again these were lovely crumbled into yoghurt in the morning as they were sweet and slightly salty!

Out of all three, this was definitely my personal favourite as I mainly just drink my protein shake. So for me, this fitted into my lifestyle perfectly and loved the taste and texture. Plus it has the added benefits of having lots of superfoods including maca root, turmeric, baobab and lucuma. This made me want to use the protein alot more as I felt I was getting extra benefits from it! 

Vega - Clean Protein

For this one, I opted for the Chocolate flavour, but it also comes in Vanilla too. I wanted to try the chocolate as I thought it would be a good flavour to bake with! Who doesn’t love chocolate flavoured anything right?!
To mix this one up as a shake, again I preferred blending it with almond milk and water, the consistency was lovely, and it also tastes great! I found when I mixed with all almond milk it had a slight aftertaste to it, so found adding water made it much tastier. Also not sure if I like my protein shakes like this in general, as preferred the above the same!!! This one was great for me after a workout, again, it's easy to drink and blends really well, so nice and easy!

This protein definitely came into its own when used in baking and recipes! I found it really easy to use, mainly because it was chocolate flavour, and who doesn’t love a chocolate treat! I made some peanut butter chocolate protein balls, that were just yummy! I also tried these on a few people and got some great reviews! They are like cookie dough, so a super delicous treat!!!

I also made a raw chocolate pudding for dessert one evening, and again this was lovely! A bit like a chocolate mousse, but thicker, it was really tasty! Again I have linked the recipe if you want to try!
I would say as a protein this is another great choice and is a great all-rounder if you also like to bake!

Form Nutrition - Performance Protein

I ordered the Vanilla Flavour but this one also comes in Chocolate Peanut Flavour.
My initial thoughts are, if you don’t like sweet protein shakes, then this one isn’t for you!
It’s super sweet, especially on the first taste, once you’ve gotten used to it, it does die down a bit. It mixes really well which I know a lot of vegan protein shakes get a bad rep for. The colour is slightly greyish, so not massively appealing, but defiantly not off-putting. I tried quite a few ways of mixing this as a shake, personally struggled with the sweetness.
Out of all three, this is my least favourite, purely because of how sweet it tastes.
I also made a few recipes with this protein to try out. Protein pancakes - they were really easy to make and looked great, but again were a bit sweet for me as I tend to have these for breakfast first thing in the morning.

I made a lovely berry smoothie bowl, this was definitely my favourite way of eating this protein as the sweetness worked well with the sharpness of the berries, it was a great combination as you got the vanilla flavour coming through and some of the sweetness which worked with the berries. I topped with off with some flaked almond, strawberries and desiccated coconut. It would make a really great dessert as it tasted like sorbet!

To summarise, if your a looking for a brilliant protein that is packed full of goodness, blends really well for a quick shake and that you can also bake with my favourite would be Rev Foods - Raw Sport. Super impressed with the quality of this product and also love the taste!

A really close second for me, and it was hard to call, has to be Vega - Clean Protein - again it tastes great, blends well and when it comes to baking, this one was just brilliant! So if you like to bake with your protein make sure you give this one a try!

Form Nutrition is also another great vegan product, the nutrition is amazing and it blends brilliantly, I would recommend trying this one if you like sweeter tasting proteins. 

I have linked all the products if you want to take a look, and also the recipes I used. If you have any questions, just drop in the comments below.

All views are completely my own.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you found this article useful!

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