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Learning to relax at The Woodland Spa

by danielle king |  | 1 comment

This week we were lucky enough to be able to take some time out and pay a visit to the beautiful Woodland Spa.

The start of the year has been a great time to reflect for us, and after spending some time with Kat Horrocks and her philosophy on ‘putting yourself first’ (click the link if you’ve not watched the interview) We decided to do just that!

We booked a full day at The Woodland Spa, which included a 2-course lunch and we both added on a massage - what more could you ask for!

the woodland spa

Located in Burnley, up in the hills of the Greater Manchester, The Woodland Spa is definitely worth the drive! We arrived at around 11.30 after a leisurely breakfast at home, as one of the benefits of not wearing makeup, means it takes no time at all to get ready!

Once checked into the spa we had a little pit stop and cup of tea upstairs in the bar area, and then headed to the changing rooms to collect our robe and slippers, which we were told you can wear all day, even in the restaurant! Perfect!

On a really small side note here, the lockers you get are a really good size! I know it sounds daft but sometimes trying to cram all your clothes into a tiny locker is just frustrating and everything ends up creased! Not the case here.

Once we were suitably robed up we made our way to the Spa area. Being a pretty standard wet, cold and miserable Monday, we decided to head out to the outdoor hot tubs - brave, is a great word to use here!

the woodland spa
We managed to sit in them for a little while, before getting chilly and retreating back inside to warm up in the salt steam room. Which was beautiful, a definite favourite.

All this sitting around relaxing, definitely gives you an appetite, so after warming back up we headed back outside and over to the bar area for some tea and nibbles. Aware that we didn’t want to spoil our late lunch we ordered the bread sharing platter, which is also vegan. The bread is freshly baked on site each day, and was just incredible! Alongside this, you get a variety of delicious dips and some olives. (Getting hungry just thinking about this!) It was gorgeous and surprisingly filling. We did get a little chilly sat out here, even though there were heaters, but can imagine this is beautiful in the summer as the roof comes off. Once we’d eaten we headed back into the main spa area to try out more of spa rooms and the foot baths.

the woodland spa
The set up is really well done, in the centre of the spa is a large pool, which is lovely and warm and has various jets, bubbles and massage areas. This is surrounded by some normal loungers, and also some stone heated ones, so you can pick your preference - we opted for the normal ones as it is already really warm in the spa area. Around this are the various spa rooms - they have a few different steam and sauna room options - it's definitely worth giving them all a go and working out your favourite! Ours was the salt steam. If you get too hot, you can try the various showers, as well as a bucket which tips cold water on you, and an ice fountain - neither of us ventured into these options, after all, it is January, and most of our days are spent battling the cold!! They also have a few private spa rooms where you can do the mud rasul with a partner or friend. At the back of the spa is the ‘quiet’ are - this is separate, and is much darker, with its own moodily lit pool.

the woodland spa

After making our way around the various rooms, we headed upstairs to the treatment area next to the restaurant. We helped ourselves to the selection of herbal teas whilst waiting to be called through for our massage.

The treatment was lovely! The staff at The Woodland Spa were really friendly and brilliant at what they do, making you feel totally at ease in the gorgeous and relaxing surroundings, the time just flew by.

After this, we were both so unbelievably relaxed that we just sat on our loungers in the spa!!! Lunchtime rolled around way too fast as the hours just melted away.

the woodland spa
We changed our robes for some fresh ones and headed back upstairs to the quiet dining area - we decided to have a later lunch, which was a great decision, the dining room had been a lot busier earlier in the day, but by 3 pm it was much quieter. We got a seat right by the huge floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the moody hills of North Manchester.

Normally you have to pre-order the vegan menu, but we were lucky enough that they had the full menu ready. We struggled a little bit to order dairy free, so both just stuck with vegan, as it seemed easier. Both still full from our snack, we opted for the tempura veg and summer pudding for dessert. The food was delicious, it was a lovely selection of fresh veg and a few dipping sauces, and just the right amount too!

the woodland spa

Presented beautifully on the plate with fresh berries, and elderflower sorbet, the summer pudding arrived, and wow! It was just delicious, super fresh and not too filling.

the woodland spa
the woodland spa
We finished up and took our time chatting and finishing our drinks before heading back down to the quiet area of the spa to rest off our food coma’s.

After managing not to fall asleep in the quiet room of the spa, we decided to call it a day, got ourselves sorted in the changing rooms and sadly handed our robes and keys back in, and headed home back into the wind and rain.

the woodland spa

All in all definitely one of the best ways to spend and rainy and cold Monday in January. Thank you to all the staff at The Woodland Spa for looking after us and making our spa day super relaxing.

I cannot wait to come back!