The Next 90 Days - Goal Setting Continued

The Next 90 Days - Goal Setting Continued

I would be lying if I told you I was feeling 100% confident about the next 90days of goals that I am setting! I have upped the bar and these are going to be tough!

Writing my last blog on my 1st 90-day goal update was really inspiring, it was great to look back and see what I have achieved and that I managed to hit the targets I set.

I also learnt a few things - setting goals that are measurable - this time I want to set targets that are a bit more ambitious and ones I can measure easily. Having been fuelled by my success I want to take it up a notch. So here we go!

1. Personal Growth
It is the one place I haven’t quite achieved the goals I was looking for. I managed to increase my leg strength a lot but have suffered injury and ill health at the start of the year which definitely held me back. This has also led me to add in a slightly different approach to my fitness. Instead of x4 gym sessions, I have changed this to 1x yoga and 1x meditation a week as want to start to focus on my whole body and mind. These next few months are going to be busy, so I want to be at the top of my game!!

2. Knowledge
Knowledge has been a great goal for me and I feel like I have learnt so much in the last few months, which has only increased my appetite to learn more. I have also really re-connected with my thirst for learning and my natural curiosity. I want to focus my attention on Branding and Marketing - so firstly research into some good sources and secondly read at least 2 books on the subject. (would really appreciate any recommendations!!)

3. Brand building
This is a huge one that I want to push even further these next 90 days. It will be my biggest focus, and definitely my biggest goal and workload!
-Pull together a branding pack with clear guidelines on the look and feel of the brand. This needs to cover packaging/ labelling/product/website.
-Content building - aiming for at least one interview a month.
-Hitting targets - 10k following on personal Instagram and 5k on Kiht Instagram.

4. Launch Kiht Gymwear
The other huge goal for me for the next 90 days!
-Product - fitted / ranged / coloured up / sized / ratios confirmed / ordered
-Launch party - where / who / how / with
-Full mood board and plan of launch shoot, campaign images, website images, product shots - This will give a clear vision of the brand and will allow us to plan in for the photoshoots.
-Launch campaign - planning what content we will be putting out in the run-up to the launch and the launch.

These are huge goals and are making me nervous just looking at them now!! But I am determined to focus and get these done!!

Thanks so much for reading and if you have any questions about my goals drop me a message below!

If you haven't already check out my 1st 90 day goals and also my 90 day goal update to catch up on the journey so far! 

Thanks xx