Introduction...... and Welcome!

Introduction...... and Welcome!

Hello to anyone out there and reading this. This is our first ever blog post! Welcome to Kiht Sport and Collective, a blog set up to document our adventure in setting up our own activewear range and online fitness community. 

Firstly I would like to talk about why I want to set up a community and women's active brand. I have been in the fashion industry for 10 years, working my way up in the world as a designer for some of the big up and coming brands. Over my time I have seen a lot! Something that I have found difficult, is the promotion of unrealistic goals for women. As women, I feel that we should be supporting each other much more within ourselves and the way we look and feel, rather than setting unattainable goals through image. This has inspired me to set up firstly this blog - to share inspiring health and fitness posts, from workouts / people / recipes and secondly, to build a body positive movement! I believe you should look after your body, after all you only get one, and its yours for life! My goal is to build a community of empowered women that support each other in positive ways!

My final reason.... I love to design! I want to create trend led well priced activewear that can be worn both in the gym and also in daily life. I personally find it really difficult to buy activewear that I actually like, unless I want to spend a lot of money (which I don't!). I also don't see why my gym wear should only be worn at the gym! I lead a busy life and would love to feel comfortable doing much more than just working out in my gym clothes. 

I thought I would keep the first post short and sweet! 

 Thanks for reading xx