A Fitness Tracker that Fits Your Life

motiv smart ring
motiv smart ringI have been looking at fitness trackers and smartwatches for a while now, but haven’t managed to part with my money, in all honesty, they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. The tech is in its infancy and with that comes clumpy / rubber looking things that sit on your wrist and scream SPORTS. (Not really my vibe).

I read tons of reviews on all the fitness trackers and smartwatches, but still could not find one that I liked. Until I came across MOTIV. This is a fitness tracker, but with a big difference. It's a ring. ( I know…..mind blown!). The Motiv Smart Ring.

It appealed to me straight away as I already wear quite a few rings, so the thought of adding another to my collection felt like a no brainer, especially one that can track your heart rate, activity and sleep! And as it claims on the website ’The Smart Ring You’ll Never Want to Take Off’. Wow!

When I decided to do this review on the Motiv Smart Ring I wanted to make sure that I had used it for a period of time and properly tested it!!! Fitness Tracker rings are such a new concept. Motiv are the first to fit a heart rate sensor into a ring this size. I wanted to know that this little ring could withstand life!

I have been wearing the Motiv Smart Ring continuously now for over 4 months and I am so impressed with it! I keep it on all the time as it's so comfy, sometimes completely forgetting about it and forgetting to charge it!!! Oops!

Firstly the set up of the Motiv Ring literally blew my mind!
I’d received the sizing set worn that for a few days to make sure I was confident about the size to order - your fingers do swell and contract a bit, so its good to keep the ring on and make sure that it's not too tight or loose. I wore a few and tried them on different fingers too as I wasn’t sure which finger I would want to wear it on. (Basically which one it looked best on).
motiv smart ringmotiv smart ring
Once I’d finally made up my mind I placed my order. The process was super simple too, you get a code on your size set box which you simply type into the website, then select your size and colour. A few days later I received my Motiv Smart Ring through the post, beautifully and neatly packaged. The total cost of the ring is £187.43, but if your order the sizing set first it charges £99.99 then deducts this when you go on to purchase the ring. I went for the brushed silver colour. Firstly I couldn’t believe how small the package was! It's simply a ring and a charger - which is so tiny and sooooo handy! It’s a magnetic charger that the ring attaches too and I just keep it permanently plugged into my laptop. That was a huge tick box for me as its so simple. The ring itself is also super lightweight, which I didn’t expect. It is made from titanium, which is a lightweight metal that is also super strong and durable.
motiv smart ring
After charging the ring for a hot minute, (and getting overly excited). the setup process could not be easier (and I am not great at technology, its a running joke in our house!) You get the Motiv app downloaded and set up your account, pop the ring on and sync it to your phone by twisting the ring when worn. It's crazy! It defo feels like something from the future!!! And that's you set up. It’s so unbelievably simple! Your Motiv fitness tracker is ready to go!
motiv smart ring
The huge benefits of the Motiv fitness ring are….. you don’t need to take it off (well except to charge!) the battery lasts for at least 3 days, which is amazing! And this little ring can take on anything! I shower, scrub, weightlift, train and sleep in it. I basically do everything in this ring. I actually couldn’t believe, so got in touch with Motiv to ask about what you could and couldn’t do. We do so much with our hands, so thinking through my day, I was worried I would have to keep taking it off to do things like, have a bath, wash my hair, use soap etc. If that was the case, I knew I would lose it, as I’m super forgetful when it comes to things like this. I also have worn it in the pool and hot tub countless times, and again it's brilliant! Its also waterproof to 165 feet (50 metres!) which I have no intention of testing this!!!

So for the last 4 months, I have been doing all of the above and thoroughly loving this fitness ring!
motiv smart ringmotiv smart ringmotiv smart ring
The best feature for me has to be the sleep tracking. Firstly because its a ring it's super easy to sleep in, it doesn’t get in the way or irritate you. Unlike most sleep tracking apps, this one can track your heart rate as you are wearing it, so it's really accurate.
It tracks your sleep quality, showing periods of restlessness, how restless for how long and also if you wake up through the night. It has made me realise that I am not getting as much sleep as I thought! I was feeling pretty tired when I started wearing the Motiv ring, but couldn’t understand why I was so tired when I felt I was getting loads (maybe too much) sleep. After only a week of wearing it, I quickly realised that the days when I felt tired was because I hadn’t had enough sleep and had periods through the night of being awake or restless. So this was a really big eyeopener for me.
It has made me look at my sleep routine and make changes. I now get into a more ‘restful’ state before bed. I do not look at my phone in bed anymore, which I did every night! I have also started to read more in the evening to get me into a relaxed state and wear my glasses when watching the TV which have the ‘blue blocking’ lens.
motiv smart ring
The heart rate tracker is amazing, I have tested it against the new I-watch and they both give the same readings. This has been one of the most asked questions that I have had whilst wearing it, so it has been really good to compare and see how well it stacks up!
You can also record the different activities that you do - once you’ve worked out, you open the Motiv app and it will have registered your elevated heart rate and you simply pick from a drop down the activity you were doing. Eg. Running, weight training, having sex (yes that it one of the options!) and it records it for you. It also syncs up with apple health beautifully too.
The other great feature is that it tracks your goals weekly and daily. Most of us have days when we are much more or less active than others, so the great thing about this is it roll it up into the week.
motiv smart ring

This is a bit of a ‘dad’ side note! The charge/battery life is amazing! Like I mentioned before it lasts for 3 days, notifies you when the battery is running low and charges in 90 mins. It can also store data on the ring for 3 days, so if you don’t have your phone with you, if your off hiking without your phone it will still track your data and sync with your phone once your back.

A feature I haven’t yet used on the Motiv App is the ‘workouts’ section. It's part of the premium subscription that you pay for per month, but it gives you access to tons of different workouts, stretching routines, runs and tips. They even have curated playlists too! Think this would be great if you were struggling with what to do, or gym motivation. You can even sync up with friends and share your stats to help cheer each other on.

My verdict, I absolutely bloody love my Motiv Tracker Ring! It's fit so simply and easily into my life.