90 Day Goal Setting Update

90 Day Goal Setting Update

If you have already read my article on goal setting, which included my 12-month goals broken down into 90-day chunks. This blog is the follow up to my first 90 day goals and a review of where I am up to! 

Firstly can I just say……wow that was a quick 3 months, I have no idea where the time has gone, but it has!

What I have learnt so far in my goal setting journey:

- Goals need to be measurable - the ones I have set have been good, but my next lot will be much more measurable in terms of figures.

- Bullet journalling has really worked for me - its quick, simple and has really helped me stay on track

- Trello - someone recommended I try this for organising my life and to do list - its brilliant, you can have lists on lists, and you can view them anywhere, super handy for me!!

- Content days - this has been a biggy for me. I was trying to achieve all things on all days. I now plan out my week and set aside clear days for solely focusing on producing content. They are my favourite days and have allowed me to really get stuck in and immerse myself in what I am producing.

- Guilt - this was something I was trying to deal with! I am getting better and keeping track of my goals and lists has helped me to feel progress, and allowed me to take time off once I have ticked off my to-do list.

Here's a recap of my goals and where I am up to with achieving them:

1. Personal Growth - for the next few months I am focusing on getting back up to 4 days a week and changing my training program slightly. I am going to focus heavily on leg strengthening as I am off on a skiing holiday in Feb and want to make sure my legs can handle it! The 90-day goal is to be able to do a pistol squat.

Soooooo starting strong, I have not hit this goal entirely, but this has been down to injury. I have had a bumpy start to the year, to say the least. My health has not been great and I have suffered from both illness and injury. That said, on the run up to my ski holiday, my new leg routine served me really well. I have massively increased my strength and stamina. Powder skiing is definitely the most tiring type of skiing as its so much legwork. I felt really strong on this holiday and this was all down to the new gym routine. Although I cannot pistol squat, skiing was a success. Another positive that came out of being injured and ill, I have started practising much more yoga. This was also amazing for skiing as my flexibly has improved massively. So not all bad!

2. Knowledge - I have started my first book in a long time - Zappo's (about the company that sold to Amazon for over a billion pounds) - so my goal is to finish this in 90 days and to research and sign up to some podcasts that I can listen to in the car or on the way into the office.

This goal has been a great success!! The book was brilliant and has pushed me to read and research more as I have learnt so much. I now regularly listen to podcasts, watch TED talks and other YouTube channels that are business and health-focused. I have already started my next book too.
So far my favourite podcast is The Tim Ferris show - love the variety and have really learnt a lot about mindset.

3. Establish a good work / life balance - Plan out my month / week / day - I have been looking into bullet journalling - Kat Horrocks has got a great video on this - so am going to give this a go to see if it works for me - but the most important thing is planning a week that is both business and life together.

This is now routine for me!!! I do not know how I got by without doing this!!! I have my Trello lists and sit down Monday morning whilst having breakfast and set myself up for the week ahead. I cannot recommend this enough!!!

4. Launch KIHT collective activewear - this is still a long way off ATM but my aim for the next 90 days is to make a list of all the things I need to do to before I launch and start working through some of the tasks ahead of time.

Yes!!! (So I was a little nervous about writing this blog, but right now it is feeling really good!!)
So I have my list, I have started to work through some of the things that can be done now and have put everything into a critical path to help me manage my time.
The new collection is designed and is now with my new supplier being sampled.
I have also started to source packing/posting options and have been tweaking my website so it looks slicker!

5. Establish KIHT as a brand and build a following - my goals on this are to fully establish my Value Proposition and complete my Business Model Canvas. Map out my content for the next 90 days to make sure it is focused and on brand and to start networking and connecting with more like-minded businesses and people.

This has massively helped me across all areas of my business - It took me a bit of time, reading, watching youtube videos and thinking, but it was sooooo worth it! It has made all my brainstorming and ideas so much more focused, as I can tie everything back to me Value Proposition. This has also encouraged me to think outside the box a little and come up with some great new ideas (watch this space).
Having a strong Value Proposition made planning my content super easy! Another plus, it has also made me a lot more focused on the types of events I attend, which has meant they have been much more successful in terms of meeting some great people and connecting with like-minded businesses.

In summary, we have a lot more to come, and some things in the pipeline that I am super excited about!!!

Having done the first 90days of my Goals, and sat here are reviewed them, I feel super pumped and even more determined about my next set of 90-day goals!!

Make sure you check them out in my next blog post!

Thanks so much for reading and if you have any questions at all, please comment below and I will come back to you

If you would like to know more about Goal Setting make sure you check out Kat Horrocks' blog about how to do it! Its a great read